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Oseox Monitoring

This software checks every hour if one of the important factors for SEO of a URL has changed.

Specifically, if our robot finds changes between 2 checks, it will send an email to inform you.

In particular, this software checks : TITLE, META DESCRIPTION, the headers HTTP, META ROBOTS, CANONICAL, X-ROBOTS-TAG , and does it regardless of the character string.

Oseox Sitemap

This software monitors the HTTP headers of your site's URL list.

You can create several URL lists to monitor through an XML sitemap or import them simply by copying and pasting a URL list. If one of your URLs does not respond in HTTP 200 and if one of your redirects does not respond in 301 then Oseox Sitemap will inform you via email.

Oseox Ping

This software monitors the servers that host your websites. If one of your servers stops responding, you will receive an email notification.

Oseox Link

This software monitors your links.

With a single click, you can import important links for your site. If a link is deleted, modified or if you are at risk of not being considered by Google, then you will receive an email to inform you.